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Spring’s already started in the Northern Hemisphere. Snow has not disappeared yet in the Northern parts. I would like to share some thoughts about Spring.

The spring energy is the energy of creation. There are two types of creations; one creation from nothing and another creation from something. We usually see second kind of creation; creation of animals, creation from seeds. We see the effect of this energy in another form and that’s becoming alive from hibernation or dormancy. Many animals come out of hibernation and trees/plants get new leaves/flowers in spring.

We can clean old dead ideas/stuff, make room/space for new stuff/creation, use spring energy to create something new. Spring represents growth.

Another important phenomenon happens in Spring – it’s miraculous migration of migratory birds from winter grounds to summer grounds. Millions of migratory birds migrate every year. These migratory birds (some are tiny like hummingbirds) travel thousands of kilometers/miles in their migration from winter to summer grounds with in few days. Some of the successful principles we can learn from these migratory birds are; team work, sense of urgency, overcoming obstacles, setting goals & work on achieving goals etc.

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

Team Work: Migratory birds show excellent team work. They fly long distances due to team work. Fly in groups help them use minimum energy.

Sense of Urgency: When time of migration comes, birds leave everything behind and start migrating.

Goal Setting & Achieving: Migratory birds show excellent example of goal setting & achieving. They set goal to migrate from winter to summer grounds, they divide them into days/chunks, and then they do everything to complete that goal within those days. They face all kinds of obstacles but they never stop until they are done or killed/become handicapped.

If we learn to create spring energy and success skills of migratory birds, we can achieve any success we can dream off.

Fulfill your Life Dreams!

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