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Everyday people die & new babies are born. It is a regular activity.

It hit hard when a popular person die earlier than expected or somebody in our closer community die in a very early age. This week is a very sad week; first I heard the news of Steve Job’s demise, then an 8 year old daughter of one of our community member died unexpectedly and then I heard few other news where close relatives of community members died.

I’ve been contemplating on the power of death for some time. It’s very sad part of our life, however it’s also very powerful thing.

Here are few thoughts about physical death:

  • People usually don’t want to talk about death once the grief is over.
  • There’s always some kind of pain associated with death.
  • Nobody wants to die but we have to face death one day.
  • After the physical growth is done, everybody is dying – some are dying at faster pace & some at slower pace. However we live our life in denial.
  • If somebody dies at early age, this reminds us about the fragility of life & the reality we have to face one day.
  • If nobody dies before 70 or 80 or 90, we will become further senseless about death.
Here are few thoughts about application of concept of death:
  • “It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” – Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University in 2005.
  • Most of us think that my family, or my company, or my community etc. can’t survive if I’m not working or not contributing to community. However just imagine if I die today, life will go on. There will be some grief for some period but the world never stops.
  • We are attached to different aspects of our life when we are alive and we are detached when we die. We can apply similar concept in our day to day living. We an consciously detach ourselves when we move from one aspect of life to another. For example, when we change our change, we detach from one job and attach to newer one.
  • Remembering death reminds us to make best use of our time & faculties.
  • Remembering death reminds us to know the true values.
  • Remembering death reminds us to spend quality time with our kids, partners, friends, brother, sister etc.
At the end I would like to pose a difficult question and i.e. can I live every day without any fear of death? I would be happy to get feedback about this blog.
To your happy & fulfilled life!
Muzaffar Sultan

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