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This is the time of fall/autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s the time to enjoy fall colors. I’ve got a chance to capture some of these colors in my digital camera. Here’s one of the photo I would like to share:

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall is a very special time. Autumn/Fall remind us following lessons:

Autumn is the season of reaping for farmers. Whatever they have sowed in spring and cultivated in summer, now, they are harvesting. Farmers have to collect their crop before winter begins otherwise they would loose their investment & effort. Similarly if we work on our goals properly, we definitely reap the benefits of that effort. We need to have some sense of urgency when we are working on our goals because life is short.

Birds start migrating to winter lands to rest. During migration they teach their young birds to migrate. They transfer to other whatever they have learned in their lives. They leave their legacy.

Many wild animals get ready for hibernation. They accumulate extra fats to go through sleep period during winter. This reminds us to schedule time for rest, retreat & rejuvenation. I would recommend to have some time for rest & rejuvenation:

  • On daily bases: Do meditation/prayers
  • On weekly bases: Have some fun, do some activity like hiking in nature, spend quality time with family/friends etc.
  • On Quarterly bases: Have some days off from work, treat it like a mini retirement, go on a retreat

Fall reminds us that life is short. I’ve written few blogs on this topic before. This reminds us to find our purpose in this life. We should work on making this world a better place and leave a legacy.

Fall colors remind us that different people have different nature, beauty & talent. I should work on finding my true color, which is my authenticity, my true talent, my uniqueness & my purpose.

Fall colors remind us that we should appreciate unique talent & uniqueness of people. Always try to find these beautiful colors in people, which are hidden. It’s easy to see weaknesses in other people but it takes time to find beauty & true color in other person.

Let’s make this world a better place by discovering our talents, passions & uniqueness. Let’s live a purpose driven life.

To your happy & fulfilled life!
Muzaffar Sultan

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