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Few days ago, 10 years old boy of my community got struck by a vehicle. He was rushed to hospital. He was almost killed and was in critical condition.

You can read news at http://www.canada.com/health/Child+struck+northwest+Calgary/5466742/story.html

When I visited hospital, the whole family was in extreme pain. The whole community is praying for the life & speedy recovery of that kid. Thanks God, he’s getting better now but he’s to go through complicated face reconstruction surgery and many steps to get back to normal life. All readers are requested to pray for this kid.

I’ve thought about my life since this accident happened. I could recall two incidents when I was about to be killed.

First incident occurred when I was about 10 years old. My mother gave me a shopper bag and put the cash inside the bag so I did not loose money. I, along with my brother, was going to buy something. We were walking by a busy road. Traffic was coming from our back. I was walking on traffic side.

I was swinging shopper bag as most kids do. The shopper bag was slipped from hand & dropped on the road. I was about to pickup shopper bag because there was cash in the shopper bag. But something stopped me. At the same moment, a car drove over the shopper bag. The bag was got struck under the car. The car took that bag away. If I had bent to pickup the shopper bag, I would have killed by that car.

The second incident happened when I was about 25 years old. I went for a mountain leadership training. We were doing repelling. I was standing on the lower side. Other people were repelling down using ropes. I did not have any helmet. When first guy was coming down, he loosened a flat rock.

That rock was coming directly towards my head. When top guy shouted “Watch Muzaffar”, that rocked swerved and passed about an inch away from my ear. I felt the air on my face when the rock passed by me. An invisible force saved my life. If that rocked had hit me, it would have cut my head into two peaces.

These kinds of incidents remind us to be grateful to God or Universe (if you don’t believe in God) because there are many forces which are protecting us and keeping us alive.

Let’s try to be thankful for each & every thing (even if it’s minute) in our life even if we are facing challenges in our life. Being grateful creates a very powerful force. It gives energy to go through trials & troubles, to achieve goals & to create happiness.

Try some of these exercises:

  • Be thankful from your heart when somebody helps you.
  • Be thankful to God or Universe when you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just imagine how much effort is required (by so many people) to have your food on your table.
  • Be thankful to the person who gives you space on roads so you can merge.
  • Be thankful to your spouse/partner for all the things s/he does for you & your family.

You can come up with more ideas to be grateful & thankful.

To your fulfilled life!

Muzaffar Sultan

Contributing Author of
101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career Book.


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