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After publishing my last week’s blog on the topic of Death, on Oct 12, I received a beautiful email about Steve Jobs’ life & Authenticity. Through different sources, the word Authenticity has been resonating in my mind during last three weeks.

Authentic means real, genuine, true and not false, fake or copied. Let me explain how this can be applied to some areas of our life:

  1. Yourself: I should be true to myself. Discover what are my talents & passions? What I like or dislike? What ultimately I want to achieve with my life? What’s purpose of my life on this planet earth?
  2. Children/Students: Children are authentic most of the time. They learn to be unauthentic from others/elders. It becomes different story once they get into school/colleges. For them, authentic means to try to study those subjects for which they are passionate. Instead of wasting their time, they should try to complete studies in as short time as possible.
  3. Parent: Proper upbringing of kids is parent’s responsibility. Parent should try their best to provide safe, peaceful & friendly environment for kids where they discover their talents, study & work hard to achieve maximum potential they can achieve in this life and become good citizens of this world.
  4. Partner: Have a friendly & lovely relationship with your partner, which is growing every day. Appreciate & cherish good things in your partner and ignore/forgive weaknesses of your partner. Don’t cheat your partner.
  5. Career/Job/Work: Love the work you are doing. Find & do the work which helps you work on your passions & talents so you can achieve maximum potential.
  6. Spiritual: Try to have unconditional love for other beings. Do the things which fulfills your spiritual needs. If you feel that there’s an emptiness, it means your spiritual needs are not being fulfilled.
  7. Religion: If you follow a Religion then do your best to follow the core teachings of your Religion. I believe all Religions teach message of love & peace for the followers and other beings in this world.
  8. God: I believe one of the purpose of any Religion is to find God or creator of this Universe. Whether one follows a Religion or not, one should try to understand the Creator or Ultimate Intelligence or cause of all causes. If you don’t like the concept of a Religion, you can try to find God or the Creator through a very simple intention/prayer: “Oh God (or whatever you want to call e.g. Ultimate Intelligence) show me your path or Give me understanding of yourself”

We live our life to its fullest when we become more & more authentic in different aspects of our life. We enjoy every bit of our life.

To your happy & fulfilled life!
Muzaffar Sultan

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