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After spending 12 years in my last company, I changed my job few months ago. I’ll write separate blog about experiences of my job change. My new company sent me to Houston for Project Management (PM) training. This was my first visit to city of Houston. I’ve gone through Houston Airport many times but never been to city before.

I would like to share few points from PM training that can enhance your lives. These are:

  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • Two basic motivating factors should be balanced in a contract; These are Bonus (Hope) & Penality (Fear). Sometimes we are motivated by the hope of gaining something and sometimes by the fear of loosing or pain of something.
  • When people go through a lot of stress, they don’t slow down but shutdown. A good Project Manager/Leader should know the breakpoint of his/her team members. We should know our breakpoint as well.
  • A good Leader/Project Manager knows past history of the project, learn from it and correct his/her action. He/She has clear vision of his/her future and guide his/her team members.

I’ve learned few things during my stay in Houston and I would like to share those nuggets:

  • When we go to a new place (or start new thing), we are scared & have fear. As we become familiar with the place (learn new skills), these fears start to disapear.
  • There’s some excitement of exploring new place & seeing new things.
  • We need to have a global sence of navigation (North, South, East & West) to navigate in new place. GPS helps but we should always keep this sense alive.
  • Always have open mind to have simple joy of unexpected. Sometimes I just drive for exploration and see what I can find. I always find something new that I can enjoy.

I had other good experiences that I’ll share later on.

Enjoy Your Life!

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