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I’ve mentioned in my last blog that I was in Houston on Project Management training. This is the time when hundred of thousands of people are looking for a job.

I would like to share an experience of a shuttle bus driver who had a profound effect on me when I was coming back from Houston.

Houston Car Rental Center is in a separate building away from airport. When I returned my rental car, there was a shuttle bus service from car rental center to airport. I used same shuttle bus service to get to car rental center when I got there about a week before.

There was a huge difference between attitude of bus drive who took me from airport to rental center and who took me back from rental center to airport.

I would like to share the attitude & behavior of  the drive who took me to airport. When shuttle bus arrived, the bus driver parked the bus, opened the door for people to board and within a second, he was at the door to pickup passenger’s luggage.

He was about 5 feet tall person. He’s a log of energy and he was very active. He was greeting everyone with smiling face.

When everyone boarded the bus, he closed the door and then started to drive the bus towards airport. He announced with a pleasing voice that this shuttle is going to terminal C & D. He’s willing to help if anybody has any question.

When we reached at the airport, he came out after he stopped the bus. He was helping as many people as possible in unloading their luggage. Few people gave him a tip as well.

When I think about that person, I can learn following few things from him:

  • Show your best self irrespective of how your day is going (he can be pissed off on those who don’t give him tip)
  • Try to be in service to other
  • Cheer others with your smile and good attitude
  • and all of this will create a very pleasing environment which is another service to humanity

If we do this everyday in our jobs, in our community, in our neighborhood, then we’ll be creating a peaceful & happy world.

If we do this we will be happy!

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