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I developed a great software on subliminal programing. It’s called ezSP (Subliminal Programing) Software.

Here’s the list of things you can do with ezSP software:

  • Configure different affirmations/suggestions to be displayed at different time of the day.
  • Setup this software to show images as desktop background with affirmations/suggestions.
  • Write your own affirmations/suggestions and load them in software.
  • Enter your goals along with images. ezSP can remind you your goals without your efforts.

This software can be used to change your mind using the concept of subliminal programming or subconscious programming. Subliminal terminology is used in a very mystical way. Some sound CDs are recorded with subliminal messages. Some suggestions/affirmations are recorded in very low voice that we can’t hear with our ears. They just tell you what the title of the CD is and the purpose of the subliminal message in the CD but you don’t know the contents of subliminal message. Many people don’t feel comfortable using something like this.

It’s very easy to understand the effects of subliminal messages in our life. If we analyze our life, we can understand, our behavior and life has been conditioned by our family members (parents, brother, sisters, uncles, ants, cousins etc.), friends, teachers, classmates and what we read. All of these things effect our believes. For example if you have been with those people who believe that you have to study hard, get a very high degree with topmost grades and then you can earn descent money to live a descent life, you will subconsciously believe the same thing and you will act accordingly.

You can use ezSP (Subliminal Programming) software to change your belief system. If you use this software, you know what kind of subliminal programming you are doing for yourself. This software will display your affirmations while you are working on your computer. All you have to do is to pause for couple of seconds to read those affirmations.

To your success & spiritual vitality.

Muzaffar Sultan

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