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Dream/Vision Board

Everybody has dream to achieve in his/her life. A dream to become something, to achieve something, to go somewhere etc. A dream/vision board can help you achieve your life dream.

What’s a dream/vision board?

You can take a board or chart paper. The size can be 2’x2’ or 2’x3’. You can either hand draw your yearly goals or paste photos (from old magazines), images on the dream board.

For example, if you want to buy a new car, get an image of that car and put it on your dream board.

How to use dream/vision board?

Place your dream board at a place where you can see it as many times as possible. You can use any place e.g your washroom mirror, notice board in your office, by your bed or any other place where you can see them on regular bases.

If you have placed it in your office, whenever you get a chance, look at your dream board and imagine you have got what you want to achieve. Think about all the benefits of achieving your goals/yearly resolution.

If you place it by bed, you can see it before going to bed and after you get up. Look at your dream board and imagine you have got what you want to achieve. Think about all the benefits of achieving your goals/yearly resolution. Try to use as many senses as possible. If you want to buy new car, imagine you are looking (eye) at the shiny color of your car. You are opening the door of your car. You feel the coldness of car handle. The moment you enter in your car, you smell the smell of new car (you may visit showroom to record the smell of new car). You touch the steering. Imagine your family members or friends are enjoying the ride of that car. I think you got the message.

You can use similar imagery for any goal.


When people dream about their goal, if they are not confident or they are not goal achiever, their subconscious mind gives them negative messages. For example, when you are dreaming about new car, your mind might say something:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • You don’t have money to pay.
  • You don’t deserve new car etc.

Whenever negative thought comes to your mind, write it down. If it’s related to something like I don’t deserve it and then justify your self why do you deserve. If it’s something like I don’t have money, have a strong believe that the highest power in the universe will guide you to earn money to have the car. In this article, I can touch this subject only at the surface. These guidelines will give you some idea.

Whenever you are dreaming about your dream, always have a belief that the highest power will guide you, will help you achieve your goal. You don’t know those ways but you will find it out. Stay relaxed.

Whenever some thoughts come to your mind to achieve your goal, work on those thoughts/ideas.


Setting up dream board will keep you focused. This will help you achieve your goals much faster.

Software Dream/Vision Board

You can download free version of ezSP (Subliminal Programing) software from www.spiritualvitality.com and setup this software to display images & text on your computer desktop. Once this is setup, your computer desktop will become dream board. It will keep displaying your goals.

Enjoy success, wealth & happiness in your life – You deserve to have it.


Muzaffar Sultan

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