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Two weeks ago we went on family camping trip in Canadian Rockies. My elder son is 6 years old and I don’t have to worry carrying him on my shoulders. However my younger son is only three years old and I bought a sack to carry him. We decided to setup camp in campground and go on day hikes. For first day, we picked very easy & small trek. It would allow kids & ladies to get used to hiking. I carried my son about 50% of the trek. I was fine on first day because it was not very tough hike.


On second day, we decided to test our physical & mental limits. The first two kilometers of the hike were not very difficult. However after first two kilometers the trek became very steep. The next 2.2 kilometers were very steep. My younger son did not want to walk. So I did not have any option but to carry him in my backpack. I had to take rest after every fifteen to twenty minutes. It was getting harder & harder for me. I was thinking to quit and go back. After second or third rest, I was extremely tired. My son felt it and he leaned forward & kissed me on my ear. The moment he kissed me, I felt the warmth, innocence & love of my son. I felt my fatigue disappeared. I got energy to walk again. From that point onward whenever I stopped for rest, I requested my son to kiss me. Whenever he kissed me, I got energy to climb. My son’s love gave me power to complete 2.2 kilometers patch of that steep trek. After 2.2 kilometers were over, my son wanted to come down. He came down and completed the remaining .5 kilometers on his own.


If you keep getting love during your difficult times, love has to the power to give you energy to go through tough times. If you have family members & friends who support you, you can easily go through hard times in your life. So gather family members & friends who support you.

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