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Spring’s already started in the Northern Hemisphere. Snow has not disappeared yet in the Northern parts. I would like to share some thoughts about Spring.

The spring energy is the energy of creation. There are two types of creations; one creation from nothing and another creation from something. We usually see second kind of creation; creation of animals, creation from seeds. We see the effect of this energy in another form and that’s becoming alive from hibernation or dormancy. Many animals come out of hibernation and trees/plants get new leaves/flowers in spring.

We can clean old dead ideas/stuff, make room/space for new stuff/creation, use spring energy to create something new. Spring represents growth.

Another important phenomenon happens in Spring – it’s miraculous migration of migratory birds from winter grounds to summer grounds. Millions of migratory birds migrate every year. These migratory birds (some are tiny like hummingbirds) travel thousands of kilometers/miles in their migration from winter to summer grounds with in few days. Some of the successful principles we can learn from these migratory birds are; team work, sense of urgency, overcoming obstacles, setting goals & work on achieving goals etc.

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

Team Work: Migratory birds show excellent team work. They fly long distances due to team work. Fly in groups help them use minimum energy.

Sense of Urgency: When time of migration comes, birds leave everything behind and start migrating.

Goal Setting & Achieving: Migratory birds show excellent example of goal setting & achieving. They set goal to migrate from winter to summer grounds, they divide them into days/chunks, and then they do everything to complete that goal within those days. They face all kinds of obstacles but they never stop until they are done or killed/become handicapped.

If we learn to create spring energy and success skills of migratory birds, we can achieve any success we can dream off.

Fulfill your Life Dreams!

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This is the time of fall/autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s the time to enjoy fall colors. I’ve got a chance to capture some of these colors in my digital camera. Here’s one of the photo I would like to share:

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall is a very special time. Autumn/Fall remind us following lessons:

Autumn is the season of reaping for farmers. Whatever they have sowed in spring and cultivated in summer, now, they are harvesting. Farmers have to collect their crop before winter begins otherwise they would loose their investment & effort. Similarly if we work on our goals properly, we definitely reap the benefits of that effort. We need to have some sense of urgency when we are working on our goals because life is short.

Birds start migrating to winter lands to rest. During migration they teach their young birds to migrate. They transfer to other whatever they have learned in their lives. They leave their legacy.

Many wild animals get ready for hibernation. They accumulate extra fats to go through sleep period during winter. This reminds us to schedule time for rest, retreat & rejuvenation. I would recommend to have some time for rest & rejuvenation:

  • On daily bases: Do meditation/prayers
  • On weekly bases: Have some fun, do some activity like hiking in nature, spend quality time with family/friends etc.
  • On Quarterly bases: Have some days off from work, treat it like a mini retirement, go on a retreat

Fall reminds us that life is short. I’ve written few blogs on this topic before. This reminds us to find our purpose in this life. We should work on making this world a better place and leave a legacy.

Fall colors remind us that different people have different nature, beauty & talent. I should work on finding my true color, which is my authenticity, my true talent, my uniqueness & my purpose.

Fall colors remind us that we should appreciate unique talent & uniqueness of people. Always try to find these beautiful colors in people, which are hidden. It’s easy to see weaknesses in other people but it takes time to find beauty & true color in other person.

Let’s make this world a better place by discovering our talents, passions & uniqueness. Let’s live a purpose driven life.

To your happy & fulfilled life!
Muzaffar Sultan

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After publishing my last week’s blog on the topic of Death, on Oct 12, I received a beautiful email about Steve Jobs’ life & Authenticity. Through different sources, the word Authenticity has been resonating in my mind during last three weeks.

Authentic means real, genuine, true and not false, fake or copied. Let me explain how this can be applied to some areas of our life:

  1. Yourself: I should be true to myself. Discover what are my talents & passions? What I like or dislike? What ultimately I want to achieve with my life? What’s purpose of my life on this planet earth?
  2. Children/Students: Children are authentic most of the time. They learn to be unauthentic from others/elders. It becomes different story once they get into school/colleges. For them, authentic means to try to study those subjects for which they are passionate. Instead of wasting their time, they should try to complete studies in as short time as possible.
  3. Parent: Proper upbringing of kids is parent’s responsibility. Parent should try their best to provide safe, peaceful & friendly environment for kids where they discover their talents, study & work hard to achieve maximum potential they can achieve in this life and become good citizens of this world.
  4. Partner: Have a friendly & lovely relationship with your partner, which is growing every day. Appreciate & cherish good things in your partner and ignore/forgive weaknesses of your partner. Don’t cheat your partner.
  5. Career/Job/Work: Love the work you are doing. Find & do the work which helps you work on your passions & talents so you can achieve maximum potential.
  6. Spiritual: Try to have unconditional love for other beings. Do the things which fulfills your spiritual needs. If you feel that there’s an emptiness, it means your spiritual needs are not being fulfilled.
  7. Religion: If you follow a Religion then do your best to follow the core teachings of your Religion. I believe all Religions teach message of love & peace for the followers and other beings in this world.
  8. God: I believe one of the purpose of any Religion is to find God or creator of this Universe. Whether one follows a Religion or not, one should try to understand the Creator or Ultimate Intelligence or cause of all causes. If you don’t like the concept of a Religion, you can try to find God or the Creator through a very simple intention/prayer: “Oh God (or whatever you want to call e.g. Ultimate Intelligence) show me your path or Give me understanding of yourself”

We live our life to its fullest when we become more & more authentic in different aspects of our life. We enjoy every bit of our life.

To your happy & fulfilled life!
Muzaffar Sultan

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Everyday people die & new babies are born. It is a regular activity.

It hit hard when a popular person die earlier than expected or somebody in our closer community die in a very early age. This week is a very sad week; first I heard the news of Steve Job’s demise, then an 8 year old daughter of one of our community member died unexpectedly and then I heard few other news where close relatives of community members died.

I’ve been contemplating on the power of death for some time. It’s very sad part of our life, however it’s also very powerful thing.

Here are few thoughts about physical death:

  • People usually don’t want to talk about death once the grief is over.
  • There’s always some kind of pain associated with death.
  • Nobody wants to die but we have to face death one day.
  • After the physical growth is done, everybody is dying – some are dying at faster pace & some at slower pace. However we live our life in denial.
  • If somebody dies at early age, this reminds us about the fragility of life & the reality we have to face one day.
  • If nobody dies before 70 or 80 or 90, we will become further senseless about death.
Here are few thoughts about application of concept of death:
  • “It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” – Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University in 2005.
  • Most of us think that my family, or my company, or my community etc. can’t survive if I’m not working or not contributing to community. However just imagine if I die today, life will go on. There will be some grief for some period but the world never stops.
  • We are attached to different aspects of our life when we are alive and we are detached when we die. We can apply similar concept in our day to day living. We an consciously detach ourselves when we move from one aspect of life to another. For example, when we change our change, we detach from one job and attach to newer one.
  • Remembering death reminds us to make best use of our time & faculties.
  • Remembering death reminds us to know the true values.
  • Remembering death reminds us to spend quality time with our kids, partners, friends, brother, sister etc.
At the end I would like to pose a difficult question and i.e. can I live every day without any fear of death? I would be happy to get feedback about this blog.
To your happy & fulfilled life!
Muzaffar Sultan

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Few days ago, 10 years old boy of my community got struck by a vehicle. He was rushed to hospital. He was almost killed and was in critical condition.

You can read news at http://www.canada.com/health/Child+struck+northwest+Calgary/5466742/story.html

When I visited hospital, the whole family was in extreme pain. The whole community is praying for the life & speedy recovery of that kid. Thanks God, he’s getting better now but he’s to go through complicated face reconstruction surgery and many steps to get back to normal life. All readers are requested to pray for this kid.

I’ve thought about my life since this accident happened. I could recall two incidents when I was about to be killed.

First incident occurred when I was about 10 years old. My mother gave me a shopper bag and put the cash inside the bag so I did not loose money. I, along with my brother, was going to buy something. We were walking by a busy road. Traffic was coming from our back. I was walking on traffic side.

I was swinging shopper bag as most kids do. The shopper bag was slipped from hand & dropped on the road. I was about to pickup shopper bag because there was cash in the shopper bag. But something stopped me. At the same moment, a car drove over the shopper bag. The bag was got struck under the car. The car took that bag away. If I had bent to pickup the shopper bag, I would have killed by that car.

The second incident happened when I was about 25 years old. I went for a mountain leadership training. We were doing repelling. I was standing on the lower side. Other people were repelling down using ropes. I did not have any helmet. When first guy was coming down, he loosened a flat rock.

That rock was coming directly towards my head. When top guy shouted “Watch Muzaffar”, that rocked swerved and passed about an inch away from my ear. I felt the air on my face when the rock passed by me. An invisible force saved my life. If that rocked had hit me, it would have cut my head into two peaces.

These kinds of incidents remind us to be grateful to God or Universe (if you don’t believe in God) because there are many forces which are protecting us and keeping us alive.

Let’s try to be thankful for each & every thing (even if it’s minute) in our life even if we are facing challenges in our life. Being grateful creates a very powerful force. It gives energy to go through trials & troubles, to achieve goals & to create happiness.

Try some of these exercises:

  • Be thankful from your heart when somebody helps you.
  • Be thankful to God or Universe when you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just imagine how much effort is required (by so many people) to have your food on your table.
  • Be thankful to the person who gives you space on roads so you can merge.
  • Be thankful to your spouse/partner for all the things s/he does for you & your family.

You can come up with more ideas to be grateful & thankful.

To your fulfilled life!

Muzaffar Sultan

Contributing Author of
101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career Book.


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I’ve mentioned in my last blog that I was in Houston on Project Management training. This is the time when hundred of thousands of people are looking for a job.

I would like to share an experience of a shuttle bus driver who had a profound effect on me when I was coming back from Houston.

Houston Car Rental Center is in a separate building away from airport. When I returned my rental car, there was a shuttle bus service from car rental center to airport. I used same shuttle bus service to get to car rental center when I got there about a week before.

There was a huge difference between attitude of bus drive who took me from airport to rental center and who took me back from rental center to airport.

I would like to share the attitude & behavior of  the drive who took me to airport. When shuttle bus arrived, the bus driver parked the bus, opened the door for people to board and within a second, he was at the door to pickup passenger’s luggage.

He was about 5 feet tall person. He’s a log of energy and he was very active. He was greeting everyone with smiling face.

When everyone boarded the bus, he closed the door and then started to drive the bus towards airport. He announced with a pleasing voice that this shuttle is going to terminal C & D. He’s willing to help if anybody has any question.

When we reached at the airport, he came out after he stopped the bus. He was helping as many people as possible in unloading their luggage. Few people gave him a tip as well.

When I think about that person, I can learn following few things from him:

  • Show your best self irrespective of how your day is going (he can be pissed off on those who don’t give him tip)
  • Try to be in service to other
  • Cheer others with your smile and good attitude
  • and all of this will create a very pleasing environment which is another service to humanity

If we do this everyday in our jobs, in our community, in our neighborhood, then we’ll be creating a peaceful & happy world.

If we do this we will be happy!

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After spending 12 years in my last company, I changed my job few months ago. I’ll write separate blog about experiences of my job change. My new company sent me to Houston for Project Management (PM) training. This was my first visit to city of Houston. I’ve gone through Houston Airport many times but never been to city before.

I would like to share few points from PM training that can enhance your lives. These are:

  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • Two basic motivating factors should be balanced in a contract; These are Bonus (Hope) & Penality (Fear). Sometimes we are motivated by the hope of gaining something and sometimes by the fear of loosing or pain of something.
  • When people go through a lot of stress, they don’t slow down but shutdown. A good Project Manager/Leader should know the breakpoint of his/her team members. We should know our breakpoint as well.
  • A good Leader/Project Manager knows past history of the project, learn from it and correct his/her action. He/She has clear vision of his/her future and guide his/her team members.

I’ve learned few things during my stay in Houston and I would like to share those nuggets:

  • When we go to a new place (or start new thing), we are scared & have fear. As we become familiar with the place (learn new skills), these fears start to disapear.
  • There’s some excitement of exploring new place & seeing new things.
  • We need to have a global sence of navigation (North, South, East & West) to navigate in new place. GPS helps but we should always keep this sense alive.
  • Always have open mind to have simple joy of unexpected. Sometimes I just drive for exploration and see what I can find. I always find something new that I can enjoy.

I had other good experiences that I’ll share later on.

Enjoy Your Life!


Dream/Vision Board

Everybody has dream to achieve in his/her life. A dream to become something, to achieve something, to go somewhere etc. A dream/vision board can help you achieve your life dream.

What’s a dream/vision board?

You can take a board or chart paper. The size can be 2’x2’ or 2’x3’. You can either hand draw your yearly goals or paste photos (from old magazines), images on the dream board.

For example, if you want to buy a new car, get an image of that car and put it on your dream board.

How to use dream/vision board?

Place your dream board at a place where you can see it as many times as possible. You can use any place e.g your washroom mirror, notice board in your office, by your bed or any other place where you can see them on regular bases.

If you have placed it in your office, whenever you get a chance, look at your dream board and imagine you have got what you want to achieve. Think about all the benefits of achieving your goals/yearly resolution.

If you place it by bed, you can see it before going to bed and after you get up. Look at your dream board and imagine you have got what you want to achieve. Think about all the benefits of achieving your goals/yearly resolution. Try to use as many senses as possible. If you want to buy new car, imagine you are looking (eye) at the shiny color of your car. You are opening the door of your car. You feel the coldness of car handle. The moment you enter in your car, you smell the smell of new car (you may visit showroom to record the smell of new car). You touch the steering. Imagine your family members or friends are enjoying the ride of that car. I think you got the message.

You can use similar imagery for any goal.


When people dream about their goal, if they are not confident or they are not goal achiever, their subconscious mind gives them negative messages. For example, when you are dreaming about new car, your mind might say something:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • You don’t have money to pay.
  • You don’t deserve new car etc.

Whenever negative thought comes to your mind, write it down. If it’s related to something like I don’t deserve it and then justify your self why do you deserve. If it’s something like I don’t have money, have a strong believe that the highest power in the universe will guide you to earn money to have the car. In this article, I can touch this subject only at the surface. These guidelines will give you some idea.

Whenever you are dreaming about your dream, always have a belief that the highest power will guide you, will help you achieve your goal. You don’t know those ways but you will find it out. Stay relaxed.

Whenever some thoughts come to your mind to achieve your goal, work on those thoughts/ideas.


Setting up dream board will keep you focused. This will help you achieve your goals much faster.

Software Dream/Vision Board

You can download free version of ezSP (Subliminal Programing) software from www.spiritualvitality.com and setup this software to display images & text on your computer desktop. Once this is setup, your computer desktop will become dream board. It will keep displaying your goals.

Enjoy success, wealth & happiness in your life – You deserve to have it.


Muzaffar Sultan

I developed a great software on subliminal programing. It’s called ezSP (Subliminal Programing) Software.

Here’s the list of things you can do with ezSP software:

  • Configure different affirmations/suggestions to be displayed at different time of the day.
  • Setup this software to show images as desktop background with affirmations/suggestions.
  • Write your own affirmations/suggestions and load them in software.
  • Enter your goals along with images. ezSP can remind you your goals without your efforts.

This software can be used to change your mind using the concept of subliminal programming or subconscious programming. Subliminal terminology is used in a very mystical way. Some sound CDs are recorded with subliminal messages. Some suggestions/affirmations are recorded in very low voice that we can’t hear with our ears. They just tell you what the title of the CD is and the purpose of the subliminal message in the CD but you don’t know the contents of subliminal message. Many people don’t feel comfortable using something like this.

It’s very easy to understand the effects of subliminal messages in our life. If we analyze our life, we can understand, our behavior and life has been conditioned by our family members (parents, brother, sisters, uncles, ants, cousins etc.), friends, teachers, classmates and what we read. All of these things effect our believes. For example if you have been with those people who believe that you have to study hard, get a very high degree with topmost grades and then you can earn descent money to live a descent life, you will subconsciously believe the same thing and you will act accordingly.

You can use ezSP (Subliminal Programming) software to change your belief system. If you use this software, you know what kind of subliminal programming you are doing for yourself. This software will display your affirmations while you are working on your computer. All you have to do is to pause for couple of seconds to read those affirmations.

To your success & spiritual vitality.

Muzaffar Sultan

Two weeks ago we went on family camping trip in Canadian Rockies. My elder son is 6 years old and I don’t have to worry carrying him on my shoulders. However my younger son is only three years old and I bought a sack to carry him. We decided to setup camp in campground and go on day hikes. For first day, we picked very easy & small trek. It would allow kids & ladies to get used to hiking. I carried my son about 50% of the trek. I was fine on first day because it was not very tough hike.


On second day, we decided to test our physical & mental limits. The first two kilometers of the hike were not very difficult. However after first two kilometers the trek became very steep. The next 2.2 kilometers were very steep. My younger son did not want to walk. So I did not have any option but to carry him in my backpack. I had to take rest after every fifteen to twenty minutes. It was getting harder & harder for me. I was thinking to quit and go back. After second or third rest, I was extremely tired. My son felt it and he leaned forward & kissed me on my ear. The moment he kissed me, I felt the warmth, innocence & love of my son. I felt my fatigue disappeared. I got energy to walk again. From that point onward whenever I stopped for rest, I requested my son to kiss me. Whenever he kissed me, I got energy to climb. My son’s love gave me power to complete 2.2 kilometers patch of that steep trek. After 2.2 kilometers were over, my son wanted to come down. He came down and completed the remaining .5 kilometers on his own.


If you keep getting love during your difficult times, love has to the power to give you energy to go through tough times. If you have family members & friends who support you, you can easily go through hard times in your life. So gather family members & friends who support you.